Patient Testimonials

The morning my contractions started, she was not only available, but shared our excitement and gave us great strength and tranquility as we were able to progress with the labor from home.

– Kate

I would have given up breastfeeding if you weren’t there to help me – Jessica

Switching to Stephanie for my prenatal care was one of the best decisions I ever made. She was completely committed to making sure I had the experience I wanted. During my first visit, she went line-by-line through my birth plan and discussed each of my expectations and desires. I could not have been happier with the care I received before, during, and after my birth experience. I have continued to see her for my wellness care, and can’t imagine seeing anyone else! Her office staff is wonderful as well.

– Erin

I can’t even begin to express how amazing Stephanie is, her care and support go beyond what I could have ever imagined and asked for. When you have an appointment with her, she literally has nowhere else to be, and she is in the moment with you and spends that time connected with you. Pregnancies, labor and births can’t always go as planned but Stephanie does a great job at preparing you for any situation. The community is very fortunate to have her and anyone else who commutes for her care will surely feel blessed.

– Katherine

Stephanie is the best in the Verde valley, and probably all Arizona. High recommendations to her. She is not only professional she loves her job and it sure shows. She handles all her patients with love and care. Thank you Stephanie for being such an inspiration. – Jennifer

In my 35 years of getting exams, your exams are not the norm. I didn’t have any worry this year. I don’t feel the extreme pressure and pain afterward. I thought pain afterward was normal. Thank you so much for your patience, calmness and help

– Peg

Thank you so much for all the help and support throughout my pregnancy. You made me feel comfortable about any questions I had and you always answered me right away! Your friendly personality and amazing smile were so comforting. Thank you so much for bringing Ivory into my life and making sure she and I were always healthy. We love our MIDWIFE!!

– Cassie

Baby boy number three was my most perfect birth experience. When I made the decision to go into the hospital Stephanie was right there with me and she stayed the whole time. She was taking turns with my husband and mom rubbing my back, she was supportive, encouraging and empowering. Once he was out he went straight to my chest and stayed there to nurse for 45 minutes! From my first prenatal appointment to my last postnatal appointment I felt her love and passion for birthing babies. I feel so blessed that Stephanie was a part of such a special experience for me and my family – Katie

I recommend Stephanie to everyone and anyone! We had such a perfect experience especially with our first, Dalilah. I couldn’t be more thankful. I was never rushed or pushed into anything, she let me do what I was comfortable with. I wasn’t on a time limit. She enjoys what she does and you can tell her passion for it with every picture and status welcoming every baby into this world. After hearing horror stories of other places and drs, I am forever thankful that Stephanie is my midwife! If you are expecting and live in the Prescott/Chino/ Mayer/Cottonwood area, this is who you need to contact.

– Elisa

The most thorough yearly exam I have ever had.

– Susan

Thank you for giving me confidence in my body and in my abilities. Thank you for giving me the fantastic birth experience that I’d dreamt of for so long. You just went so above and beyond for us – Brianna

I started going to Stephanie a year before I got pregnant and I still see her as my gynecologist.  I never realized how much better it was having a woman until I started going to Stephanie. When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to start my journey with her for the next nine months. Every time I had an appointment, she was always so caring and answered all my questions. My son was breech from 30 weeks on, and I ended up having a c-section. She helped me do everything we could to flip him, but the stubborn boy wouldn’t flip. I was so excited to nurse, knowing Stephanie was a lactation nurse also. I am a cosmetologist and had so many clients tell me how much help she was with breastfeeding. I even asked Stephanie if she could be my son’s pediatrician because for two weeks I am pretty sure I called her ten times a day with questions.  My husband and I can’t imagine having anyone else with us for our future children. I don’t only look at Stephanie as my provider but also my friend. You can tell she loves what she does and made my first birth experience one the best things in my life!

– Alison

I had my last appointment with Stephanie today… And it kind of made me sad. I had the most amazing experience in the birthing of our 3rd child. She’s such a sweet lady. The birth of our son was absolutely amazing, definitely the best experience. I appreciate how she left the cord attached for a while after. I highly recommend her to everyone who is pregnant. Thank You Stephanie for the wonderful birthing experience of our little boy.

– Stephanie

I’ve had two very medical births in another state and was so excited by the prospect of changing the story for my third baby. Stephanie was amazing, listening to my fears and desires for this birth and supporting me in doing it MY way. Through those crazy last months she was totally available and supportive as Miss Q decided to bake a full 2 weeks longer than her big brother and sister. I had the birth I wanted and am so appreciative to Stephanie for helping make it happen! – Crystal